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LOUISE STURHLING All-Natural Healthy Ceramic Coated 4.0L Air Fryer. BPA-FREE, PFOS & PFOA-FREE, 7-in-1 Pre-programmed One-touch Settings, Exclusive BONUS Items - FREE COOKBOOK, TONGS & PIZZA PAN

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LOUISE STURHLING All-Natural Healthy Ceramic Coated 4.0L Air Fryer. BPA-FREE, PFOS & PFOA-FREE, 7-in-1 Pre-programmed One-touch Settings, Exclusive BONUS Items - FREE COOKBOOK, TONGS & PIZZA PAN
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  • BPA, PFOS & PFOA-FREE HEALTHY CERAMIC COATED SURFACES: Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are cooking with CHEMICAL-FREE Ceramic Coated surfaces (POT & BASKET). Ceramic coat is extremely DURABLE & CLEANS with EASE! WILL NOT PEEL under high temperature Or SCRATCH easily!
  • COOK WITH 4.0L POT OR 3.5L BASKET: Bake, Grill, or Fry foods the HEALTHY way with Multi-purpose 4.0L Ceramic Coated Pot OR with the Versatile 3.5L Basket with true detachable handle For EASY DISHWASHER CLEANING.
  • ADVANCED PRE-PROGRAMMED SETTINGS: Features 7-in-1 Pre-programmed One-touch Settings and a programmable cooking timer of up to 30 minutes and a temperature control system with a range of 175⁰F – 400⁰F.
  • FDA & ETL CERTIFIED: High power 1400W with Enhanced Turbo Air flow. A healthy way to cook or fry foods with up to 90% less oil. Certified by FDA and ETL. 
  • THREE EXCLUSIVE BONUS ITEMS: Enjoy Our worry-free 30-day Returns. Includes Exclusive Bonus Accessory items – Stainless Steel/SILICONE Tongs and 7.5-inch CERAMIC Coated Pizza pan. Plus, a FREE hardcopy of our Latest edition Cookbook with rejuvenating recipes

21 Reviews

  • 3
    So far so good

    Posted by Mia

    I like the product so far. I will update this review in 6 months and change the number of stars depending on how the ceramic coating performs.

  • 3
    Too big for my kitchen counter

    Posted by Tod

    Air fryer worked fine but could not find a suitable for it on my crammed kitchen counter. Had to send it back.

  • 3
    Nice Fryer!

    Posted by Hollie

    Works great but the free pizza pan is not that big. The one that comes with the ceramic acessories is much better.

  • 3
    I like how easy it is to use this air fryer

    Posted by Rick

    In All, I like how easy it is to us this air fryer. I can make nice grilled meat with this fryer without heating up my whole house like my oven does. I also like the natural ceramic coating very much. Nothing sticks to it. It is amazing. The only reason why I am giving it a 4 star is that you cannot change the settings like the time and temperature during cooking. I read a response to a review on Amazon and I think someone mentioned that it is a safety feature. I can see how that may be important if you have kids who want to play with kitchen appliances, but for a single guy like me I have no use for such a feature. I think it would have been good if one can change these settings during cooking. In all, I think this is a very sturdy well-made machine and very easy to use.

  • 3
    I like the product

    Posted by Mary

    I like the product but the only reason I am giving a 3 star is the fact that by product arrived late and in a box that was heavily damaged. The product itself survived the shipping but the packaging was a mess.

  • 4
    Bring the Bar home with homemade buffalo wings

    Posted by Damien

    I like to pretend I am in the bar at home with the game on and enjoying my air fryer buffalo wings. By the way, the Costco pre-packaged buffalo wings are the best in the air fryer. 400F for 10 minutes and you good to go.

  • 5
    No Teflon fumes!

    Posted by Kent

    My siter-in-law introduced this air fryer to us. My wife and I both have respiratory allergies so even though we liked what we were hearing about air fryers we were not willing to buy one because of the teflon coating that is known to cause respiratory problems in birds. We bought this one the same day we heard about it and we donot regret our decision. It works great so far no allergy problems. Very easy to use and clean.

  • 5
    One for Work One for home

    Posted by Gary

    Bought 2 at the same time. One for home and the other for work. This thing does wonders to soggy sandwiches and letfovers. There is always a line queued at it now at work during lunch time. Please buy it for sandwiches and you will love it!

  • 5

    Posted by Cameron

    I had tried many. I had the Philips, the baskets kept peeling/breaking down. I hated the Teflon hazard most of all but had looked all over and didn't think there was an alternative. After MUCH research, I found this. I waited until a proper time had elapsed before reviewing. I've had for 6 months. I use daily, most of the time, twice a day. No pealing! The baskets look like new! I love that they're Teflon etc free also. I have seen others that are but reviewers speak of peeling. I am so thankful to have run across this brand that has served me so well. I find it cooks better too than the Philips. FYI: I rarely put in dishwasher just to be on the safe side. About once a month, I get a little sticky build up (nothing big) on the basket the food sits in. Barkeeper's friend and its smooth again. Other than that, I just wash like a regular pan. I have also experienced the greatest top notch customer service I've EVER seen! And by the CEO even! I know I have a great product and backed by a great company. My only complaint is that I wish it was larger. I've been told they are working on that, I can't wait! I will be the first in line when they do:) I HIGHLY recommend! After my Philips failed, I tried several and researched TONS. You won't be disappointed in this airfryer. If I could give the CEO a rating, I would say 100 stars- perfection! As is, I give the airfryer 95 stars instead of the 5 below :) When the new size comes out, I will change the 95 to 100! :)

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