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LOUISE STURHLING All-Natural Healthy Ceramic Coated 4.0L Air Fryer. BPA-FREE, PFOS & PFOA-FREE, 7-in-1 Pre-programmed One-touch Settings, Exclusive BONUS Items - FREE COOKBOOK, TONGS & PIZZA PAN

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LOUISE STURHLING All-Natural Healthy Ceramic Coated 4.0L Air Fryer. BPA-FREE, PFOS & PFOA-FREE, 7-in-1 Pre-programmed One-touch Settings, Exclusive BONUS Items - FREE COOKBOOK, TONGS & PIZZA PAN
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  • BPA, PFOS & PFOA-FREE HEALTHY CERAMIC COATED SURFACES: Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are cooking with CHEMICAL-FREE Ceramic Coated surfaces (POT & BASKET). Ceramic coat is extremely DURABLE & CLEANS with EASE! WILL NOT PEEL under high temperature Or SCRATCH easily!
  • COOK WITH 4.0L POT OR 3.5L BASKET: Bake, Grill, or Fry foods the HEALTHY way with Multi-purpose 4.0L Ceramic Coated Pot OR with the Versatile 3.5L Basket with true detachable handle For EASY DISHWASHER CLEANING.
  • ADVANCED PRE-PROGRAMMED SETTINGS: Features 7-in-1 Pre-programmed One-touch Settings and a programmable cooking timer of up to 30 minutes and a temperature control system with a range of 175⁰F – 400⁰F.
  • FDA & ETL CERTIFIED: High power 1400W with Enhanced Turbo Air flow. A healthy way to cook or fry foods with up to 90% less oil. Certified by FDA and ETL. 
  • THREE EXCLUSIVE BONUS ITEMS: Enjoy Our worry-free 30-day Returns. Includes Exclusive Bonus Accessory items – Stainless Steel/SILICONE Tongs and 7.5-inch CERAMIC Coated Pizza pan. Plus, a FREE hardcopy of our Latest edition Cookbook with rejuvenating recipes

21 Reviews

  • 5
    I finally found this ceramic coated one

    Posted by Susan Cranes

    I heard a lot about Air fryers from my co-workers but while I liked the idea of cooking healthy foods with the least amount of oil, I did not like the fact that all the air fryers I came across had a Teflon coating. I finally found this ceramic coated one! I am very impressed with the quality of this product. Very easy to use and nothing sticks to the ceramic surfaces. I also like the idea that you can use both the basket and the pot for cooking because the pot is also ceramic coated. The ceramic coating is also super easy to clean and seems very strong and durable. I have used it for fries, Salmon, chicken drumsticks and thighs and the whole family enjoyed the foods. Nice and crispy on outside but juicy inside. This is an awesome machine. I love it and will recommend it to everyone!

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Barry

    Great product. It takes healthy cooking to a whole new level. I love it!

  • 5
    I can totally have my cake and eat it too

    Posted by Michelle

    I was impressed how good this machine can cook steak. Nice bbq feel on the outside but still nice inside with lots of yummy juices. Cooked the steak in the basket and all the bad fat drained out into the pot. This is the first time I enjoyed a steak without feeling guilty that I was clogging my arteries. Yes, with this air fryer, I can totally have my cake and eat it too!! Please get and you will not regret it!

  • 5
    Thanks, guys, for the amazing support

    Posted by Kenneth

    Thanks, guys, for the amazing support. I dropped my air fryer pot accidentally from my kitchen counter and broke the pot handle. All it took was a short phone call to get a replacement shipped to me. Even the shipping was free. These guys really stand by their product and their customer service support is A+ rated. I am getting your pressure cooker soon. Thanks again for the great support.

  • 5
    I am very happy with my purchase

    Posted by Katie

    I bought this air fryer mainly because of the ceramic coating. I read all the reviews on Amazon and Walmart about this product before purchasing it here from the manufacturer. I must say that I am very happy with my purchase. The ceramic coating is very easy to clean and programmed buttons are very helpful. I have just had it for about a month now and so far, I love it. I really like the auto shut off feature which I think makes the machine very safe. I have tried a chicken thighs in it and they were unbelievably great. You will stop using your microwave and oven after you get this machine. I am glad I purchased it.

  • 5
    He is now cooking everything in the air fryer and he is in love with it

    Posted by Betty

    I bought this machine for my son who is not a great cook and does not like to cook. According to him, he first used it to make pre-packaged and seasoned spicy chicken wings from Costco his friends when they came by to watch a game. He said the chicken came out so good they had to run to the store for another pack. He is now cooking everything in the air fryer and he is in love with it.

  • 5
    I am blown away

    Posted by Ted

    I am blown away by what this air fryer can do. I am a steak-lover, so I was skeptical at first and wasn?t sure of this air fryer can give me a seared medium rare steak. After a couple of trials, I noticed that the preset setting of 400F for 15 minutes is perfect for most meats like chicken and steak, but to get a perfect sear I use the settings in the cookbook at 400F for 20 minutes (10 minutes for each side). Also, I found out that brushing the steak with a thin layer of olive oil or melted butter gives the best results ? a perfect sear each time. We are a family of 4 so we usually fit any size steak that will fit in the 4L pot. The ceramic coating is so easy to clean a truly non-stick. Now I can enjoy a good steak without heat that my oven releases into our house anytime we use it. We live in the California desert so anything that reduce the amount of heat in the house is great. I love this product!

  • 5
    this machine is a time saver

    Posted by Cindy

    I first heard of air fryers from my daughter who has been using a Louise Sturhling product for the past 2 years and she love them. She recently upgraded her air fryer to their new Ceramic model and recommended it to me. I have been using the air fryer for the past 4 months and even though I am a vegan and use it mostly for grilling fresh corn and other simple vegan foods, I must say that this cooker is a time saver. The preset settings are incredibly easy to clean. I just got a new vegan cookbook and I am very excited about all the things I can do with this air fryer. Great buy!

  • 5
    Highly recommend

    Posted by Gary

    I bought this air fryer because of the ceramic coating and so far so good. Nothing sticks and cleaning is a breeze.
    Highly recommend.

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