Freedom Foods is a leading health brand in Australia. We have been providing people with special dietary requirements with delicious, healthy foods for over 20 years!Freedom Foods has a delicious product range that includes:Cereals & Muesli's:You might have noticed recent changes to our Freedom Foods Cereals range. But don't worry, they are now better than ever!Freedom Foods Cereals & Muesli's are all free from the major allergens, which means you're guaranteed a healthy, tasty and convenient start to the day. Our cereals are also packed full of lots of healthy benefits like having added fibre and being low in salt.We've also recently launched a yummy, healthier range of cereals for the kids - Rice Puffs, Cocoa Puffs and TropicO's. You can read more about them here.Biscuits:Freedom Foods has a delicious range of gluten free biscuits that are good enough to share.There are everyday treats like Coconut Crunch and Sultana Splitz to the more indulgent Triple Treat Brownies and Blissful Berry - the challenge will be stopping at one!New to the Freedom Foods biscuits range are Wild Bears? crunchy honey bears dipped in real chocolate that the kids, and many parents, will love. The little bears are free from gluten, egg and low in lactose.Gluten Free Breakfast Bars:Freedom Foods Breakfast Bars are made from a delicious combination of cereals, seeds and fruit. They make a tasty breakfast or a convenient snack on the go.Snacks:Our gluten free snacks range includes No Salt Potato Chips and delicious Chick Pea Chips.Wraps:Our Gluten Free Wraps are available in the Bakery section of the supermarket.Just fill'em up with your favourite goodies and roll for a convenient lunch.Vege Spread:Freedom Foods Vege Spread is a tasty yeast and gluten free spead that tastes similar to Australia's favourite spread. It is a very rich source of Vitamin B Complex and folate and has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

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