Think Inside The Box100% Transparency = Power + Peace of MindTaste is the first of your senses that will celebrate a spoonful of sprouted brown rice sweetened with coconut palm sugar. Add to that the incredible thrill of knowing the story of your food. One Degree Organic Foods gives you the power to trace very ingredient back to the organic farm where it grew - and to the farmer who stands behind its purity. See each harvest. Hear each family's stories and dreams. Feel an exhilarating bond wit the land. Now your senses have really come alive. Veganic: Good Food Grown SafelyOne Degree Organic Foods veganic farmers use smart growing techniques such as cover crops and alternating plant varieties over time to build nutrients in the soil. No pesticides, no herbicides, and no chance for contaminants to enter the food chain via application of biosolids or any other non-plant fertilizer to fields. Veganic farming is a step beyond organic - a step toward greater purity, greater health benefits and a safer food supply. Sprouting Unwraps Nature's GiftsWhen a grain begins to sprout, extraordinary things happen. The plant begins to make a wealth of proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants available - for its own future in the sun, it thinks, but really for you. The result is improved digestibility, bioavailability of nutrients, and a surprising burst of flavor. A New Dimension in Healthy Food:Transparency: You have the power to trace every ingredient.Accountability: The farmers are proud of their harvests, and never anonymous.Certified Organic: Free of harmful pesticides and herbicides.Veganic: Cultivated without animal-based fertilizers - a new higher standard.Non-GMO: We've never once thought about improving nature's designs!Sprouted Rice: Better digestibility and bioavailability of nutrients.Coconut Palm Sugar: Naturally low-glycemic index sweetener with an indescribable ...

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